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Simplify the creation and computation of complex product specifications using unlimited materials and semi-finished products.

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Specification Structure Visualization.
Clear, tree-like representation of any product or semi-product structure helps you make accurate conclusions and avoid errors.
Everything Within Reach.
Materials and specifications all gathered in one place. Create new products using your own database of raw materials and semi-finished products.
Automatic Material Calculation.
Build a product specification and immediately see the total cost of the used materials.
Ease of Editing.
Effortlessly modify your product specifications when technology changes or raw material replacement is required.
Find What You Need in an Instant.
Intuitive search allows quick access to needed raw materials or specifications, even by partial name.
Immediate Price Updates.
Modify the purchase price if there's a change from the supplier, and automatic recalculation will occur.

Search for ready-made calculations

Enter the name of the product you want to calculate to find a pre-made example of cost estimation and pricing in our database.

Pricing calculation for any product!

Calculate prices for your own products in any industry with the help of our web application.

  • Food and Beverage Production

    This includes artisanal bakeries, craft breweries, specialty confectioneries, small-scale coffee roasters, organic dairy farms, juicing and smoothie companies, meat processing plants, and boutique wineries and distilleries.
  • Clothing and Textile Production

    This includes sustainable fashion brands, niche fabric mills (such as those using organic or recycled materials), leather goods artisans, bespoke shoe manufacturers, independent tailors and dressmakers, and handmade textile weavers and knitters.
  • Consumer Goods Production

    This includes eco-friendly and sustainable product manufacturers, natural and organic pet product companies, children's goods focusing on safety and quality, ethically-sourced toy manufacturers, and artisanal arts and crafts supply makers.
  • Construction and Building Materials

    This includes green building material manufacturers, modular construction companies, specialty cement and concrete manufacturers, eco-friendly gypsum board manufacturers, and solar and alternative roofing material producers.
  • Electronics Production

    This includes startups focused on innovative electronic products, niche peripheral device manufacturers, IoT device manufacturers, and sustainable electronic component manufacturers.
  • Wood and Furniture Production

    This includes custom furniture makers, reclaimed lumber suppliers, eco-friendly and sustainable woodworking shops, and carpentry businesses with a focus on unique designs.
  • Chemical Production

    This includes eco-friendly adhesive and sealant manufacturers, natural cleaning product companies, organic cosmetics and personal hygiene brands, green paint and coating manufacturers, and biodegradable soap and detergent manufacturers.
  • Plastics and Rubber Production

    This includes biodegradable plastic manufacturers, recycled plastic product companies, sustainable rubber product manufacturers, and innovative thermoforming businesses.
  • Paper and Packaging Production

    This includes recycled and sustainable corrugated box manufacturers, eco-friendly envelope manufacturers, green paper mills, and sustainable paper product manufacturers.
  • Metallurgy and Engineering

    This includes custom metal structure fabricators, small-scale foundries specializing in niche products, precision machine shops, sustainable metal stamping businesses, and innovative auto parts manufacturers.

How It Works: From Raw Materials to Orders

Interacting with the online calculator involves 5 simple and straightforward steps.

  • Step 1

    Add Raw Materials

    Create your own library of raw materials used in your product manufacturing.

  • Step 2

    Create Product Specifications

    List the raw materials in the product specifications, specifying the quantity required for production.

  • Step 3

    Create Your Own Cost Calculation Formula

    The calculator features an instant cost calculation method through a formula, based on the cost of raw materials.

  • Step 4

    Add Products to the Price List

    Create a price list for your products and view the key indicators for each item: cost of raw materials, production cost, and selling price.

  • Step 5

    Create and Manage Orders

    Add products from your price list to orders and analyze financial and other indicators for each individual order.

Create Advantages for Your Business!

Enhance pricing strategies, save time for business growth, and ensure your profit with our online calculator.

Everything Now in One Place

Your raw materials library and finished product specifications are now consolidated in one place and will always be readily available. Creating specifications for a new product or adjusting existing ones has never been easier.

Resource Optimization and Cost Reduction

Our calculator allows you to understand product pricing at a glance. Identify and analyze weaknesses in your pricing structure and make improvements.

View the Structure of Specifications

No matter how complex or multi-tiered your product specifications are, our calculator allows you to clearly display their structure in a tree view. This feature helps you quickly navigate the specification.

Cost Calculation Formula

Our online calculator offers an instant cost calculation method using a custom formula. You will be able to calculate costs based on raw material prices, saving you a tremendous amount of time.

Quick Adaptation to Supplier Prices

Easily adapt to price changes from suppliers. Recalculate your entire price list instantly, with just one click.

Determine Discounts for Buyers

No need to worry about whether you can afford to give a discount on a customer's order without hurting your bottom line. The calculator will perform the calculation and present the result for each order.

Automatic Recalculation of the Price List

Whether raw material prices are falling or rising doesn't matter! The online calculator will help you stay on top of price trends. If prices fluctuate, you'll be the first to adjust your product prices among your competitors.

Creating and Analyzing Orders

Create orders and get comprehensive information about them. Receive the cost of orders and the list of raw materials required for their production. Always be confident in your earnings!

Save Time on Planning

Create orders with products that you plan to produce in the future. Based on the generated list of raw materials for the order, you'll be able to plan supply and procurement efficiently.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most commonly asked questions about our online cost calculator at

What kind of products can the online calculator handle?
The calculator is designed as a universal tool capable of calculating any material products, from food to electronics. As long as raw materials are used in the product's production and the product can be described by a specification or recipe, you will be able to calculate its production cost.
How do I start using the online calculator?
Register and log in to your personal account. There, you can add raw materials, create product specifications, calculate the cost and price of products, and create and analyze orders.
Where do I start in my personal account and how does it work?
Start by adding raw materials. Then create the finished product, describing it with specifications. Add the product to the price list, then create new orders, adding products from the price list to them.
What is the purpose of the formula in the online calculator?
The formula in the calculator allows for an instant calculation of product costs based on the cost of raw materials. The user creates the formula, which can contain different variables to suit individual requirements. Detailed information on creating a formula can be found in the help section.
How do I add a product to the price list?
Before adding a product to the price list, you need to create a formula. Detailed information about creating a formula is provided in the help section. Once a formula is created, any product can be added to the price list. During this process, you'll need to input values for any additional variables in the formula, as well as the markup. After entering these values, the product will appear in the price list section.
How do I create orders?
Products from the price list are added to orders. The calculator then instantly calculates the group of products within an order, providing information on the cost of all materials for the order, the cost price, and the order's price. A list of materials needed is compiled, which can be used for custom production or supply planning. The calculator will immediately show your projected earnings for the order, the maximum discount you can provide, and the salary to be paid to workers for its production, if that variable is included in the formula, etc.
What is meant by pricing flexibility?
Pricing flexibility means you can immediately enter any changes in raw material prices from a supplier into the calculator, and it will instantly recalculate the price list at the new prices. If the specifications for a product change, the price list is also instantly recalculated. If you want to change the values of variables or markup, no problem – you'll have new prices in the price list right away. This flexibility ensures you will always be ahead of competitors, while also working with a guaranteed profit!
What are teams?
You can create additional teams within your account. This is useful if you have several businesses and different products. Essentially, you get two or more personal offices in one. Each team has its own materials, specifications, price lists, and orders, which makes managing various aspects of your business easier while working in one web application. You can also add your employees to each team.

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