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Welcome to - your reliable online assistant for cost and price calculations for any product, as well as other features useful for the manufacturer. Discover all the advantages of our service!

With you can:

  1. Create your own catalog of raw materials and supplies used in production;
  1. Create detailed product specifications, listing all used materials and their quantities. Specifications can be made for semi-finished products as well, with the possibility of borrowing semi-finished products from one product to another in the future. This saves significant time when describing similar products. There are no limits to the levels of nesting in the specifications;
  1. Calculate the cost of raw materials and supplies required for the manufacture of each product unit;
  1. Develop a formula for your own business process and use it to calculate the cost of production;
  1. Form an up-to-date price list;
  1. Create and analyze orders. For each order, the web calculator calculates: the cost of materials, cost, price, list of materials required for its manufacture, total values of formula variables (for example, if the cost formula includes a piecework wage variable, you can see the total piecework salary for the order, etc.);
  1. Ensure effective teamwork by inviting colleagues to join the app.

In addition, our web application allows you to react instantly to changes in raw material prices and changes in the specifications of any product. When these changes are made, all products are automatically recalculated and a new price list is generated with updated prices.

The web application is suitable for various types of manufacturing business:

  • Food and beverage preparation;
  • Clothes and footwear manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing of various consumer goods;
  • Construction materials manufacturing;
  • Electronics manufacturing;
  • Woodworking and furniture manufacturing;
  • Various chemical industries;
  • Rubber and plastics production;
  • Paper and packaging production;
  • Metalworking.

If your business is not on the list, try using our app, it may be suitable for you as well!

Our app has already helped many entrepreneurs improve efficiency and control over their manufacturing business. Join us and keep your finger on the pulse of your business with