Creating orders has two main objectives:

  1. Order analytics;
  1. Effective procurement planning.

Order analysis is valuable in the case of order-based production, where orders are expensive, their number is small, and the production of each order takes a significant amount of time. In such situations, actual orders can be created and analyzed.

In the second scenario, orders are created for the purpose of procurement planning and supply provision. The order includes products planned for production over a specific period of time. Based on the created order, a list of raw materials is formed, which can serve as a guide for ensuring production.

Order Creation

Creating an order begins with selecting goods from the price list. If you have not yet added products to the price list, do it following our step-by-step guide.

Go to the "Orders" section in the menu and press the button to create a new order.

Creating a new order

The order creation page consists of three main blocks: order description, product selection table, and order composition table.

Order creation page
  • In the "Order Description" block (item 1), specify the order name and, if necessary, add notes.
  • The "Goods from the Price List" section (item 2) shows all items contained in the price list. You can use the search field for quick product searching. To add a product to the order, specify the quantity and click the "Add" button.
  • The "Order Composition" table (item 3) shows all products that have already been included in the order.

After saving the order, you will get full information about it:

  1. Order cost price;
  1. The cost of the necessary raw materials for this order;
  1. Total order cost;
  1. The maximum possible discount that can be offered without losses.
Order Information

By clicking on the "View materials list" link, a window opens containing a list of all materials required to fulfill the order. This feature can be useful when planning the procurement process.

Materials List

Note: The information in the order is relevant at the time of its creation or last modification. If there have been changes in product specifications after creating the order, the information in the order remains the same. To update the data, you need to edit the order and save it again.