Creating a Price List

A price list presents the calculation results for selected items. By "item", we mean any elements from the Catalog section, be it raw materials, semi-finished goods, or finished products.

To add an item, navigate to the Catalog section and select the desired element. On the viewing page, click the "Add to price list" link.

Before adding an item to the price list, the web application will ask you to enter values for the formula variables (if any) and specify the markup. If the formula has not been created before, the web application will suggest you create it.

After entering all necessary values, the item will be displayed on the price list as a separate line.

Step-by-Step Instruction to Add to the Price List

  • Navigate to the Catalog section, find and open the item of interest.
Adding to the price list
  • On the viewing page, click the "Add to price list" link.
Adding to the price list
  • On the add to price list page, enter variable values for the formula (if any) and specify the markup percentage. In our example, we fill in the fields: "Piecework" and "Markup".
Filling in variable values
  • After filling in, click "Save", and the item will appear on the price list.
Item in the price list

Information Displayed on the Price List:

For each item in the price list, the following values will be presented:

  • Material costs;
  • Cost price;
  • Price.